Organization: Scientific Commitee

The Scientific Committee of the Foundation will comprise the following:

a) The President, the Secretary, and the Study Coordinator (member) of the Executive Committee of GeSIDA.

b) The President of the Executive Committee of SEIMC or the President’s representative.

c) The Coordinator of the SEIMC Study Group.

d) A member at large of the Executive Committee of SEIMC.

e) Two representatives of the National AIDS Plan of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality (Secretary General and another member of the National AIDS Plan), with the right to vote in evaluations of a GeSIDA study.

f) A representative elected by the Executive Committee of the Study Group of the study proposed. At each meeting, a representative will be called for each GeSIDA Study Group evaluating proposals for studies to be performed in the setting of a SEIMC Study Group. The representative will only have voting rights in the evaluation of his/her study.

g) A representative of the Foundation (without the right to vote).

Depending on specific requirements, 2 additional members of the Foundation will have the right to participate (but not to vote).

Subject to the agreement of the Scientific Committee, additional parties with the right to attend (but not vote at) a meeting include expert advisors to the committee, representatives of non-governmental organizations, and members of pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic technology companies, and other types of company. Participation of these groups will be limited to those points for which their attendance is required.

The Scientific Committee will be headed by the President of GeSIDA/SEIMC, and a representative of the Foundation will act as recording secretary.

Project Evaluation Criteria

The Committee will evaluate the budgetary, scientific, and methodological aspects of the studies proposed, as well as their relevance and applicability…Ver+

Circuit for evaluation of proposals from the scientific committee
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Responsibilities of the Coordinator…Ver+