Continuing professional development

In line with the aims of the Foundation and in accordance with its statutes, we run scientific meetings and conferences (national and international) and organize courses, lectures, talks, seminars, round-table talks, and specialized workshops.

Since its inception, the Foundation has gradually expanded the options it offers for the continuing professional development of health professionals.
In terms of research, the field of infectious diseases in general—and HIV infection in particular—is one of the most dynamic in medicine today.

Furthermore, new threats to public health worldwide, such as the Ebola and Zika viruses, constitute a new challenge for microbiologists and infectious diseases specialists, who, in addition to caring for patients, often participate in research projects.

Here at the Foundation, we are making every effort to help health professionals working in the fields of infectious diseases and clinical microbiology to update their knowledge through a wide range of continuing professional development activities.
We are particularly proud of our e-learning virtual campus portal “Campus Virtual de SEIMC”, which has proven to be of invaluable use in the organization of training activities.

The “Campus” enables virtual attendance at specific events using streaming technology. Students no longer need to travel and can exchange information in real time with other participants, teachers, and lecturers. The “Campus” also makes it possible for those who were unable to attend the event on the date it was held to access recordings of the content.

You are welcome to visit the “Campus Virtual de SEIMC” at the following link: